Stephanie Ammann Managing Director

Stephanie Ammann
Managing Director

Mariano Horak Managing Director

Mariano Horak
Managing Director

Claudia Vieli Project Support

Claudia Vieli
Project Support

  +41 44 221 33 89
  only on Fridays

Corporate Portrait

Many important singers are and have been already managed by Stephanie Ammann and Mariano Horak. Our first aim was always discovering, encouraging and supporting young singers.

Many of them have worked with us for many years and are still working with us at present.

We do not only care for artistic matters but also for all administrative and logistic work. According to the philosophy, that our artists deserve only the best service, we have always kept the list of exclusive artists relatively short. 


Corporate History

Stephanie Ammann and Mariano Horak founded on 01 June 2015 the ammann horak llc, for opera artists, in Küsnacht (ZH), Switzerland. Küsnacht (ZH) is located at the Lake Zurich, nearby Zurich City.

1984    Mariano Horak founded Caecila Lyric Department in Bern
1987   Moving into an office in the old town of Zurich
1989   Stephanie Ammann joined the Team
2015   Stephanie Ammann and Mariano Horak left Caecilia and founded together the agency ammann horak llc

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